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Taekwon-Do for kids

Our kids continuously build more confidence, focus, discipline, fitness and strength

Why choose Elite Taekwon-Do London?

Elite Taekwon-Do London's kid's martial arts classes are quite simply one of the best activities that you can give your child. Classes have been expertly designed to target the younger juniors and the specific needs that they have and are taught using the most safe and exciting instruction methods available.

We recognise that good martial arts training can massively enhance children’s experiences of life in many areas. We are therefore committed to providing the best experience of martial arts classes that your child could wish for. Classes are packed with exercises to ensure that your child gets the best of martial arts, as well as building areas such as discipline, focus, self-control, fitness, confidence, perseverance and many other areas.

Firstly, we make sure that our kid’s classes are FUN!!!! We like our kids to really enjoy what they are learning. This means that the classes are always packed full of all the exciting and dynamic martial arts moves that are seen in all the Karate Kid and Kung Fu movies!! There is also lots of partner work to help your kids learn, interact and socialise with other children. There is always lots of kicking and shouting, so that the kids can really burn off and channel their energy. All our instructors always understand the importance of providing a very positive environment for your kids to learn in.

Because of the sense of discipline that we instill in our kid's martial arts classes, your child will quickly develop more focus and confidence. They are learning new moves and sequences all the time and are encouraged to focus all their energy into what they are doing, therefore, you will see great improvements in their concentration levels. 

Of course in this day and age, it is important for children to be able to defend themselves and to avoid being bullied at school etc. Therefore in our kid’s martial arts classes, we include many of the concepts from our leading self defence courses. However, far from teaching your child to be aggressive, our classes teach children traditional values, such as respect for oneself and others.

We Teach Real Martial Arts!

We do not teach a made up martial art that has no value outside of the school. We are affiliated to a world governing body, The International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF). Our qualifications and grades that your child achieves at our clubs will be recognised all around the world.

Best of all, you are training with experience with our top instructors. We have been running our TAEKWON-DO KID'S program for many years and it is being constantly refined and improved to make it the leading authentic children’s martial arts program. We have been responsible for teaching martial arts to literally thousands of children, many of whom have gone on to become black belts and some even International competitors. Some of our students who started with us 5 -10 years ago, have gone on to become the fine instructors that you will now see in some of our classes.

These truly are great martial arts classes and we would encourage you to come and visit one of our locations, to either have a look, or take advantage of our offers and try a class out free of charge. 

For more information on these amazing classes please contact us.

For more information on our kid's martial arts classes, please contact Elite Taekwon-Do London on
07944 145 145
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