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advanced level of Taekwon-Do

Practice an advanced level of Taekwon-Do

Black belt patterns

  • Kwang-Gae
  • Po-Eun
  • Ge-Baek
  • Eui-Am
  • Choong-Jang
  • Juche
  • Sam-Il
  • Yoo-Sin
  • Choi-Yong
  • Yon-Gae
  • Ul-Ji
  • Moon-Moo
  • So-San
  • Se-Jong
  • Tong-Il
Neutralise potential attacks with training from our experts at Elite Taekwon-Do London.
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Enrol today to make yourselves perfect

Based in London, we conduct classes in Kensington, Wembley, Kenton and the surrounding areas. Have you been training in Taekwon-Do and had to discontinue? Consider enrolling yourself for our sessions at Elite Taekwon-Do London. We will look into how you can fit into our on-going sessions without having to repeat what you have already learnt. Whether you want to simply tone your body or develop the art of self-defence, we will help you with it. Speak to a member at our training centre for classes and schedules.
Elite Taekwon-Do London
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